LBF billing code need to show both code and description


(Sherwin Gaddis) #1

Now there is a need (desire) to show both the billing code and description together in the LBF data type billing codes. Is this coming in 5.0.2?


(Stephen Waite) #2

wasn’t LBF main architect @sunsetsystems with sidekick @sjpadgett :slight_smile:

(Jerry P) #3

@stephenwaite @juggernautsei Come on guys! It’s not like i’m running out of things to do… :slight_smile:

(Sherwin Gaddis) #4

@stephenwaite you are correct @sunsetsystems is the main architect.
Not faulting Rob but he is mostly unavailable. I throw things out as they come up in my dealing with users. The psychology field wants to see both. I have gone in and done some mods to make this happen but my hacking is the best thing.

@sjpadgett this message is not aimed at your. I know you are over loaded with things to do and you are one of major architects of this program. I keep trying to run with the big dogs like you guys but I learned my limitations and what I bring to the table. So, I am just trying to keep the project moving forward with the little things that I suggest.

There are several places around the program that don’t all use the same datatype to show the code/descriptions.

I ran into a part of the datatype – 15 that always return (not found) so I wrote a function to return the code and description. I added the function to the file. It only works in the display of forms encounter.

The medical problems is what I will be addressing next.

(Jerry P) #5

The main things i’ve done to LBF editor is restyle the interface and rework options to allow expanding the number of options we can add plus added some encounter form styling options. Also restyled the encounter reporting some.
My interest in LBF currently is preventing users from changing certain core LBF’s that have hard coded references back to the core LBF. Transactions is the latest form where user can get in trouble. With this case the referral forms default ‘refer to’ is set to Organization list (from address book via user table) however some Practice Groups prefer to have ‘refer to’ come from Facility resulting in Referral Report being inaccurate. The Organisation List makes the most sense here and should be locked from user changes. There are many cases like this throughout oe.
I think the best option here is to add a new data type or add a new option for data type 15 ie Show code descriptions. This nicely handles encounter forms but i’m unsure where else this data type is used on core forms. Can you list them for me?

(Jerry P) #6

@juggernautsei This is actually a bug I believe. I don’t think I can do a proper explanation here so i’ll just do a PR and maybe it will become more obvious. PR will be bug fix and feature add and i’ll get Rod to review changes. thanks