LBF auto-populate demographic information

I have an LBF form with attributes like “Patient”, “Date”, “Age”, “Sex”. Is there a way to auto-populate this information into the form instead of having to type it is every time I want to fill the form. Is there a way to pull it from the demographics form. How do I used the “Source” field?

I don’t do any programming so a way of doing this stuff within openEMR would be ideal.

Any help would be appreciated.

I actually figured out all of them except for Age. Any time I selection the “Age” option nothing auto-populates. Can someone run me through how to get the patient’s Age to auto-populate using the age option.

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For Age, source option may not be applicable.
You can try to use the getPatientAge() function defined in library/ to retrieve the age and assign it to the field while rendering.