Laboratory results do not show values in the patient's portal

(Luis Angel Uriarte) #1

Laboratory results does not show values in the patient’s portal, nor does it show some ranges and shows non-final results. (I do not know why some results are repeated): I did it on the demo site

In demo patient’s portal (User: Homer18, password: 123456,

Please, you can verify it …
thank you very much

(Luis Angel Uriarte) #2

Sorry to insist, but still without the values of laboratory results in the patient portal 2
Thank you very much

(ViSolve) #3

It causes due to typo error in the below line.
File path : openemr/portal/get_lab_results.php
Line Number : 114
Currently it is specified as echo "<td>".text($row['result'])."</td>";
Need to change as echo "<td>".text($rrow['result'])."</td>";


(Luis Angel Uriarte) #4

Tank You Very Much