Kiosk view of all upcoming medications?

I have what may be a unique use case question. We are an emergency shelter dealing with a small number of patients (not more than 32 at any given time). We are in need of software for tracking medications administered with the ability to display the administration schedule in a kiosk view.

A typical scenario is as shift staff is rotated 24/7 they can see on the kiosk when medication should be administered and then allow them to log the administration in the system. We would then need the ability to run monthly reports on each patient to review medications administered.

Does OpenEMR provide this kind of functionality?

hi @tscott ,
This sounds like a MAR (medication administration record) and is not currently supported in OpenEMR at this time. Hopefully it will be, though, in the future if a student chooses to take it on in the ongoing Google Summer of Code: