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Issues with lab requisitions

A couple of questions for lab requisitions to see if anyone else is having these issues:

  1. 3 or more procedure orders do not appear correctly… the first one shows correctly with the lab order number and the test name, the second one is inverted (test name then order number) and then the third or more is jibberish.
  2. What have others done to work around (at least what I am experiencing) an issue where if a patient encounter has more than one proceure order, then when I attempt to print the lab requsition, it only shows the first procedure entered. I.e., there is no option to select which procedure to display.


I will look at the code on this one and let you know what the fix is for this.

Please show a screenshot of the gibberish please. I am unclear of were the gibberish you are referring to in the message.

Its in my original message… the first image is the actual order I created; there are 5 tests.

The second image show the lab requisition form and the first two tests show, then the third line just shows numbers.

I looked at the code and the $order variable in the Test Order table of the form display appears hard coded for three results.

A suggestion.
First item that needs to happen is to place a button in the procedure to handle req form if it is indeed installed. Then pass the order id to called req and process from there. This takes care of more that one procedure in encounter.
I haven’t looked at current req form but limits on number of test could be due to formatting space. Still should handle up to eight test is what most will handle.

Ok. I’ll see if I can figure that out… maybe not! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m assuming that we could create a count of procedure IDs, if more than 8, it could pass the additional ones onto another “page” until all the IDs are added.