Is there any CCDA export function in OpenEMR?

(Noor) #1


I am trying to export patient data in CCDA format.

Is there any function in OpenEMR for exporting CCDA data.

Can anyone help me???


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Hello Noor-
Here’s a page from the old wiki talking about a CCDA module which can be found in the current OpenEMR. I tested it back in the day, but I’m not sure about its functional status now. You might give the instructions a try and report back here for others who are interested!
Regards- HT’s_CCDA_Module

(Jerry P) #3

You’ll need this:

(Noor) #4

Hello HT,

Thanks for the reply. I did try that before and it is for installing the carecoordination module. I can import CCDA data using import function but while exporting, I got an error and i have raised this issue in git.