Integration with Google LDAP

I am attempting to integrate Openemr 5.0.2 with Google’s LDAP service. I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 server with Stunnel (as I do not see a way to use the certificates in the EMR). I am able to the LDAP server on the command line, but not able to authenticate from the EMR.

From the log that I am able to access through the SQL database, I see the login attempts with NULL as the user/group and “insufficient data” in the comments.

I am not able to see the login attempt in Google’s LDAP audit log, the only items that I can see on there are the command-line tests.

As I said, I have stunnel setup and can verify that it is connected. Within Openemr I am using my domain in the format for the account suffix, Base DN cn=emr,ou=Groups,dc=xyz,dc=net (looking to add users from the group called “emr”). Domain controller is ldap://

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

hi @darkus118, there’s some current work on ldap, please see this pr

If this integration is limited to login, you could look at our approach of using Hybridauth.