Insurance Address Information

(kr_pch) #1


I got list of payers from the clearinghouse however they provide only payor id, payor name and no information about address or contact etc…

Where can I find this information? Do we have to purchase this from somewhere?


(Stephen Waite) #2

would be nice to have an address list but never seen one provided, probably because it changes frequently
maybe follow up with the clearinghouse to see if they can help or else you’ll have to enter them one at a time from a copy of the person’s insurance card :frowning:

(kr_pch) #3

Thanks for the response. I guess you are correct it doesn’t make sense as it changes frequently.
I have seen few EHR’s when we went live with them they had it prepopulated and wherever it was missing we used to add it. I think they had list that was compiled overtime.

Thanks again for the information.