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Installation on Azure? (Docker Web App + separate DB)

As a preface, I am new to Azure. I am trying to install OpenEMR in Azure as a web app using the 5.0.2 Docker image. I have also set up a Azure Database for MariaDB server and have both in the same resource group. I can access the database server fine using the Azure Cloud Shell. I created an empty openemr database using an appropriate collation (that doesn’t throw >8126 errors), and a non-root user with the appropriate grants to access that database. In the database’s connection settings, I disabled the SSL requirement for now and added the web app’s outbound IPs to the database’s firewall.

When setting up OpenEMR, I chose the “I already created the database” option and provide the non-root user’s credentials. After clicking Create DB and User in Step 2, it takes forever and eventually times out and gives a 502 error instead of continuing on to the next steps of setup. It also never updates the page with any kind of progress/status until the 502 error. Checking the database manually shows that it did indeed connect to the db and create a bunch of tables, created the initial user, etc. After that point, visiting the web app shows the login page, but I can’t log in. Presumably setup didn’t properly complete.

This seems like a fairly simple and obvious use case for Web Apps and databases, but it’s not working… Am I missing something very basic? Do I need SSL already set up for this to even work (how best to do that with the Docker image)? Should I set up a VM or something instead of Docker (I heard Docker was the way to go for ease of setup and troubleshooting)?

Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks!