Impossible to log in

(Nacho) #1


I just downloaded and installed the latest stable version and I have managed to install it on my server (Linux). All the results have been with OK.

The problem is that in the login screen (https://***.com/a/interface/login/login.php?site=default ), I enter the data and even though I enter the system after 1 second I log out and an error is displayed in the address bar: (https://***.com/a/interface/login/login_screen.php/?error=1&site= )

And even though I have already registered the system, when it disconnects, the popup always comes back saying that I am registering: "OpenEMR Product Registration
Register your installation with OEM to receive important notifications, such as security fixes and new release announcements. "

Does anyone know what this may be?

Thank you.


Please supply more details about the environment.
Which Linux distro?
Which OpenEMR package (tar or Deb)?
What browser are you using?