Importing LBV-forms and relevant LBV field essentials and relevant changes

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blankev wrote on Thursday, August 15, 2013:

This Topic is created for information about the Layout-Based-Visit-forms. Sometimes the options for this great tool for registration in Open-EMR gives rise to problems and confusion, not encountered before. Sometimes it is just easy to get some advise to find the steps to be taken before LBV-Forms can be used to their maximum.

The goal of this Topic is to make relevant WIKI pages for the LBV-forms of questions and answers.

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Hi good day. I am looking for assistance with creating a report to capture information from the lbv file and patient file . I was able to create an sql that captures the data but because the lbv files has the values in column and not a row i end up with duplicate row with patient name and every lbv field for that encounter. Any idea how i can get around this .

Thanks in advance

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Hi Anthony-
It looks like you’re missing one more JOIN:

Table patient_data of course has all the identifiers that can be referenced by ‘pid’
Table forms has ‘form_id’ and ‘pid’.
Table lbf_data has the columns ‘form_ID’ and also ‘field_data’ which is the input data from from the LBF. You’ll also need to know the ‘field_id’ of the desired data.

Must do some tricky JOIN action to link the patient identifiers through the form_ID to the LBF that contains the field_data
Hope that helps?