Importing forms into OpenEMR


Hi Everyone,
I’d like to know the possibility of being able to import forms from 3rd party form development sources.
I’ve been looking at particular to [Moreapp]( where highly customizable forms can be developed including the ability to capture patient photos directly from a smartphone camera/web-cam as opposed to having to upload previously captured images.
Is such possible?

(Brady Miller) #2

Hi @fkasmani,

The forms in OpenEMR are not really standardized to allow importing from other sources. There are several ways to go for form creation:
(also have option of copying a current custom form as a starting point, which seems to be done frequently)

There is also a templating mechanism that I uses open/libreoffice files:

And note that since the code is open source and can be modified, can always add code etc. to be able to use other third party standard forms.