Immunization history in LBV

@sjpadgett @stephenwaite is it possible to pull from the Immunization list into a layout based form? What about pulling info from the problem list?

Are you looking for an immunization list of a particular patient? Or a general report?

The form is at the patient-level. Ideally I’d be able to pull the immunizations and then filter down to show only if a patient has or has not received an immunization

I have created a module that lets the practice look at all vaccinations and you can filter by patient. Some of the other fields are related to submitting the immunization to CAIR (California Imunization Registry). This is actually a report, not an LBF. If you wanted to look at a specific patient I could add a field called (pid / pubpid) and it would let you immediately filter by patient and immunization.

Here is a screenshot by patient:

Here is a screenshot of patient and vaccine

Each column has its own filter.

Interesting. It doesn’t quite fit my needs but it’s a cool report nonetheless.

For some time we had the “widgets” from pt demographics displayed in encounter tab as well. Based on clinician feedback we moved to rules relevant to specific form. For Immunizations, as an example, that meant in the form related to annual physical rules engine now shows vaccine reminders only when due/overdue. Bit of configuration effort there saved several clicks and searches. May not work in your case since everyone has their personal workflow.


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