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I would like to give a non financial gift

I got you guys a gift. How should I give it? There is no contact us link at

thank you @gutiersa and thanks for noticing, feel free to share it here or with

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It is the domain
would you like it?
It is yours (the organizations’) if you would like it. I registered it today, by happenstance!


hi @gutiersa ,
heck yes!!
We have been trying to get that thing for more than ten years
@robert.down is planning to touch base with you later this evening on how to get it transferred over to openemr


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Sure, call me. I emailed you at the above address!
It happened by accident actually! I only tried for less than 30 seconds!

Hi Sandra,

A HUGE thank you! I called last night but got the voicemail. I saw the email come in and will reach back to you via email with instructions and next steps.

Now excuse me while I go a happy dance!


@stephenwaite @brady.miller @robert.down
Gentleman, I am mortified over what happened, and believe me that I will get to the bottom of it.
May I make it up to you by offering you: how about
Would you take any of these?
Email me your IP addresses and domains that would need forwarding and I will set it all up, my account is with godaddy.

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hi @gutiersa , No prob on that. We bounce back quick :slight_smile:
We will continue to wait patiently for :slight_smile:

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Sure, but in the meantime, now that “.network” is a new allowed extension, you should grab it.
In case you missed it, since it is not colored in blue, I would like to point out, that

could be yours to use too. It is parked at my domain manager for now, and I will point it to which ever IP address you pick.