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I couldn't install SNOMED


I couldn’t install SNOMED Spanish edition. I tried to update to the latest version (April / 2020), but it doesn’t appear. It did not give me any error, the window that said “it was installed correctly” appeared to me, but I only create the tables, without content.

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 5.0.2(2)

I’m using:

Operating System
It is installed on Centos 8 with Apache 2.4.37, PHP 7.2.11 and MariaDB 10.3

No error or warning logs

hi @luisuriarte, is this a biannual release? on the snomed installation details page in openemr:

Yes, it is biannual (April / October). I have updated it for years. The last one was October / 19 without problems (Spanish version)

I have not been able to update the Database. It was not updated, but also deleted the above.
Since the RF2 version can be imported, I had no problems importing, except now.
It does not give an error, it only says “updated correctly”, but it deletes the previous tables and creates new ones, but empty.
I try to update the Spanish version of SNOMED. I download it from here:


Please could someone verify it?

Thank you