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I can´t schedule in another computer

Hi guys, Mizar here!
I’m newbie in Openemr, but I’ve read all the entire wiki and usually on this forum.
The fact is that I’m able to schedule when I’m in the computer that I used to install openemr…

I can proceed to fill the form and schedule.
But a problem comes when I do the same thing in another computer…

I just have to select a gap in the calendar and I get this messageUntitled (2)

The message says

Uncaught SyntaxError:missing ) after argument list URL:
Line: 1 Column 8
Error object “{}”

I haven’t found anything… There’s nothing in the code (in the described positition)

PD: I’have tryed with diferent account permisions… The problem is about not scheduling when using another cumputer than the used to install Openemr.

Hope you gays have a good day :stuck_out_tongue:

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