How to submit bug fixes to released version of gad-7 api form

hi, I have three tiny corrections to make to the released version of the Gad-7 form, that could maybe go into a patch. But i’m not quite sure how to submit them. I’ve been using my github account and fork of openemr/openemr to do further development of the form, but these are fixes to the released version.

one bug generates php warnings, but no other effect, two fixes improve the layout, and a third fix is preferred text to one of the buttons on the form.

i apologise because this information must be somewhere, but i couldn’t see it. many thanks, as always, for your help.

hi @ruth , you can submit another pull request like this PR, thanks for the fixes.

thanks Stephen,

my real problem was understanding how to use git properly - i’m still learning!. I needed to get back to the branch for the code i’d submitted that’s released in 6.1.0. I’ve found out how to do that, and have now committed the changes to make the fixes i mentioned. So progress!

now i appear to have two options (see screen shot below) - ‘create pull request’ or ‘create draft pull request’ . I’m not sure which i should be using - ‘creat pull request’ doesn’t seem to have any affect - should i be using ‘creat draft pull request’ ?

many thanks, ruth

Create pull request is best