How to remove ACL option completely from Database

I have added an ACL option like below
addObjectAcl(‘admin’, ‘Administration’, ‘create_telehealth_user’, ‘Create Telehealth User’);

Enabled the option for some of the user roles.

now our clients no longer need to ACL.

So how to remove the existing ‘create_telehealth_user’ ACL from the application.

Is there any function available to remove ACL option?
From which tables the data needs to be deleted?

please suggest

@stephenwaite @sjpadgett @brady.miller @juggernautsei Can someone please help me on this.

Administration > ACL
Click on link next to Access Control List Administration header for original editor.
Use filters on ACL List tab to locate the ACL object.
Select and press Delete at the bottom.

@mdsupport Thanks for the response but i didn’t see any delete option at bottom. There is only Remove Group button.

You are looking at the simplified screen. Pl follow the original directions.

Got it. Thank you so much.