How to print prescription labels using OpenEMR

Was wondering how can we print prescription labels so that we can stick them on medicines before giving them to patients. Any help is appreciated, thank you!

OpenEMR has an feature to generate the prescription label. You can able to get an detailed description in the below link.
Hope it helps!!!


How do we print this to the label machine?

What label machine do you have?

It is a brother one

obviously we will buy another one what do your recommend Please

I only asked which printer are you using as a point of reference. I see you are using the CAMOS to get the screenshot that you send.
What is holding you up from sending the image on the screen to the brother printer?
It seems to me that if you can get to the screen you have posted and you do a right mouse click on the screen to select the print function. You will be able to select your brother printer with the labels loaded. I am trying to think of solutions that don’t require coding.
It depends on how the image on the screen is constructed. If it is text on the screen that can be highlighted and copied. That provides you more options. Then you can simply copy and paste the text into the label making software and print.

What do you think?

this sounds like a good option

What file can I modify if I want to print custom prescription labels?

hi @Kanoberson, please see original post by dev

then you can cp this file and rename it in this directory and make your alterations