How to print only filled in fields in LBF?

Dear colleagues,
is there any way to print LBF forms only with fields already filled in and do not print emty fields ?

I have attached 2 screenshots. 1st is LBF form with filled in ROMn /range of motion/ of LEFT SHOULDER and remaining fields are empty.

2nd is PRINT OUTPUT where filled in parameters are marked by red color but empty fields are present on output as well.

Thank you for advice

@Tomas_Vilhelm I hope that you are a coder. What you are requesting requires a code change. Natively the LBF was designed to print all fields regardless of whether any values were in that field or not. You would need to change the code to get the behavior you are seeking. You would mostly start in the interface/LBF/report.php. It shouldn’t take too much to check that the current value and if it is empty skip the display of that field.
I know that I do something similar with the hard-coded forms that I create.