How to make patients appointment visible when overlapping with provider's In office time?

Hovering mouse hides patient’s appointment and shows provider’s in office time, thus no way to open the appointment

If you go to the patient chart, you will find the appointment there. Also, open up that IN time, and change it from 2:30 pm to 2:20 PM temporarily. This will allow you to open up the patient appointment.

Finally, I believe if you move the mouse up and down gently while hovering, it will alternate between “IN”, and patient appointment.

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@gutiersa yeah i changed it 30 mins earlier since we use appointments in 30 mins slots, it gave me more head room. Nice work around thanks!

i have a 15000 dpi laser mouse and couldn’t do it :rofl:

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Hmm, just be careful that someone does not give away that earlier appointment. Otherwise you will wind up being in the same boat.

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