How to make documents visible in encounter?

How do i make the documents i uploaded , of the pt in todays encounter to be visible/ link of the document visible in that particular encounter?
Because if one pt has new sets of documents, n nw encounters , then after some time it will be so confusing to make sense of the uploaded documents.
eg one ecg done each time for each of the encounters.

Sorry I missed your call. I just learned that the doctors are unable to enter in their progress notes and it appears that you can’t even add a new patient. This is crazy.

What is the current version? 7.0.1?

I have a feeling I don’t have the luxury of using openemr any longer. It’s a great system and very detailed and well designed however, I can’t play around any longer with the unknown.

Hi warren, thats actually totally dependent on you what permissions you want to give to doctors.
Permissions can be changed.

Yes but what has me confounded is if I as administrator (Top Dog, A Numero Uno) can’t add a document, there is something else going on, would’nt you agree? Or am I just frustrated and my thinking is illogical at this point! :smiley:

What type of document you can upload also has to be white listed.
you can see the file types you have allowed in

Are you not seeing the documents at the top of the encounter screen when you tag them to the encounter?

Here is what it looks like when I tag it in the documents upload screen:

It then shows up in the Encounters page above the Visit Summary.

Hi !
I’ve posted a video including that topic about docs in encounter

loook it in youtube:

Encounter : Receptionist and Doctor performance

Hope be clear on it


thanks @adunsulag , @Fernando_Guerra , yup now the documents are there visible.

I am installing a new instance 7.0.1 and will let you know what the results are. I still have the other instance active however, due to the previously stated issues, it’s status is on hold for use. I will let you know the results after completion of installation and configuration of the new instance (it’s on a different domain).

Thanks guys!

FYI the new installation is working properly as far as uploading documents. I think possibly there was a corruption while an update was applied. I am not sure. I will finish up this new build later today. One question is can I export and import patient demographic information and progress notes from one instance to another? I attempted to export the db via the admin/system/backup option and it never finished, just timed out I guess. It would probably be safer to have a medical assistant re-enter the data in that I don’t believe would be a hippa violation but I will leave that determination up to a medical director.

I am just interested in the process if it’s a valid question.

Thanks! Hopefully all the issues recently encountered will be resolved in the new build. I would really prefer to push this build over to the other domain. If that is an easy option, please let me know.

Thanks for all the encouragement!

I just noticed that the version newly installed is 7.0.0 (2) whereas the instance I am having trouble with is 7.0.1. I noticed that there is a difference in the administration configuration options.

Warren, you can give Front Desk rights to receptionist. Then she can just enter the demographics and have access to nothing else unless you escalate her priveleges.
Encounter also Front desk cant create by default. The doctor can.