How to hide ICD-9?



How to hide the ICD9 ?

Since we no longer use ICD9 in the US, how can we hide the ICD9 option in the Fee Sheet? This is after selecting the CPT code, then by clicking on the Type CPT4, a drop down list allows us to search for the ICD9 or ICD10. The default is ICD9. I would like to make this default to ICD10 or to hide the ICD9.

Also, the drop down list of the most commonly used ICD codes are mixture of ICD9 and ICD10. I would like to hide all the ICD9 there also. Sometimes I mistakenly select the ICD9 codes. It would be nice to have an option to hide all the ICD9 to save time and reduce confusion.

Thank you.


Go to Administer-Lists-Codes and disable.


APerez: Thank you for your help. Previously I did not uncheck the box “Active”. Instead, I checked the box “Hide”. I had sometimes to go over this weekend and found my mistake. Sorry for the confusion. Your instruction was good. My apology!