How to delete all patient's data but keep other settings?


I have a fellow doctor whom I want to help to use OpenEMR. Because we practice the same specialty, it would be very convenient for me to use my current OpenEMR and delete all my patient’s demographics and all associated billings… After that, we can add his practice information and import his patient demographic data from his previous EMR. He is paying a monthly fee for the EMR software and he is willing to donate his money to the OpenEMR project (after I convince him what we have with OpenEMR is good, flexible and perhaps some functions are better than what he is using).

There is a “delete” function to delete individual patient, but that will take forever to delete my very large patient data.

Would you show me how to achieve this quickly? Thank you

(Jerry P) #2

It might be easier to import common resources into a new instance of OpenEMR. edit : If you make me a list of what you believe can be shared I will see what I can do.


Would you elaborate on this? I am an average user and not know what you mean by "common resources? and what is included in the list? Can you give me some examples? Sorry, I’m lost!

(ViSolve) #4

Hi @2017

You can delete the large patient data using OpenEMR’s database level,but this will only delete the Patient demographics info but not the encounters,forms etc. You need to find the respective tables to delete it them individually.

It seems like you are using customized OpenEMR and want to do have another same fresh customized OpenEMR?

Let us know, if you need further clarifications.