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How to create a 5.0.2 Patch 5 level system

I am creating a 5.0.2(5) (Patch Level 5) system. I did this on AWS using the 5.0.2 and then copying Patch 5 to the openemr directory in docker. However, the “About” does not say that this is a “Patch 5” (doesn’t have the (5) after the version). Am I missing something? I have another 5.0.2(5) production system that shows the patch level.

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 5.0.2 original -> Patch 5

I’m using:

Operating System
I’m using: AWS Ubuntu

Did you check the logs? N/A

Did ya run sql_patch.php?

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@Ralf_Lukner, you might be missing that script, if so see the guide

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Thank you, @sjpadgett, @stephenwaite:
Running sql_patch.php corrected that particular issue.

<snip - another discussion of a temporary issue has been removed … look at the historical revisions of this messages to see what was tripping me up … corrected by chown apache documents>