How to change the appointment types?

(Ralf Lukner MD PhD) #1

How to change the appointment types? For example, I would like to create nursing home visits (initial evaluation, follow-up, discharge, etc.).

(Stephen Waite) #2

think it’s under admin->globals->calendar

(Ralf Lukner MD PhD) #3

Sadly, I am not able to find the calendar appointment types under admin->globals->calendar … :cry:

(MD Support) #4

It is well preserved as the PostCalendar component under:
Administration -> Other -> Calendar -> [ Categories ]

(Ralf Lukner MD PhD) #5

Okay, perfect. Thank you. I added categories, as shown below. Now, how do I get them to appear in the pick list for the appointment type?

(Luis Angel Uriarte) #6

I think that in your new definition you should change clinic per patient in type.

(Ralf Lukner MD PhD) #7

Thank you, @luisuriarte! :smile: The new nursing home visit types now appear in the pick list.