How to allow Front office to create encounter

This is the scenario.
As a receptionist, I want to register a patient and create an encounter.
As a nurse, I want to update the encounter.
As a nurse, I want to add cost and payment information to the encounter.
As a receptionist, I want to close the encounter and get the payment from the patient.

Currently with OpenEMR 7.0.0 installed, I am unable to do all these…
Please help

Hello @adamameen5
I’m not clear about what you mean when you say, 'As a [role] I want to do [some task].

The system does not depend on a user’s role to allow them to do any particular task. It is true that some roles do have default ACL permissions to perform some tasks and not others. However, any desired ACL may be assigned to any arbitrary role, so you don’t need to log in as a particular role to accomplish a specific task.

But am I correct in suspecting that’s not what you are asking? Please elaborate.
Best- Harley