How to add rules and clinical reminders for a patient. Please help

I am using Open-EMR 6.0. I am in the process learning the setup as I need to do this for a Charitable Institution in India. Now I am stuck with an issue. I will be greatful if some one can clarify me the following doubts.

  1. How do I create a clinical reminder for a patient. I was going through the doc which is provided in the Wiki. Most of them for 5.0 and I dont see much for 6.0 . Hence the confusion. They say that I can create my own rules. But If I go to administration I dont see these rules. I have uploaded an image which will show you the same. So What I want to do is to be able to create a reminder for a patient who can for example I can send him reminders automatically for example Weight Check, Sugar check so on… but I am unable to click and edit the same
    I have given more descriptive of the problem am facing

  1. I see only two plans available in the Diabetes and Preventive care. If I have to add a new plan how do I do that. If some one can help nothing like it. It could be simple one but am struggling to search and understand the same.

I do understand we have bunch of list available in the administration list which contains data for plan. But the problem is they dont show up. So the org for which i am planning to put this has disabilites as key and i need to put a plan for that. Hence asking doubts. Please help because i am doing this as a volunteer. I dont get paid for this but want to help them.

Is Administration > Practice > Rules not working?