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How to add patient medical problems using LBV forms?

Hi. I’m creating a layout based form to collect various data, much of which is data that OpenEMR can account for natively. In order to save it centrally, rather than in a table specific to this new form, in which table and fields, for example, do I save medical problems? It appears that the only relevant tables I can access are patient_data, history_data and whatever “VisForm” is. Medical problems don’t appear to be saved to the former 2, and I can’t see VisForm.

And if I can’t directly add to a patient’s list of medical problems using LBF, then is it possible to collect the data using the form now, saved to this new Form table, and later migrate it into OpenEMR proper using SQL?


So to get a list of an individual patients’ medical issues you need to query the lists table on their PID.
Here’s an example, set a new medical problem for a patient here:

It shows up here in the database.

You can also set up a dropdown box that pulls your most commonly encountered medical problems. You can edit the list in the list editor under "Medical Problem Issues list

This list determines what problems you see by default under the add/edit issue screen.

Here’s a bit of a description on using that list in LBFs.

The lists from list editor live in the list_options table in the database. You can query on list_id, here’s what it looks like in my installation:

Hope this helps