How the secure messages are being exchanged and viewed

(Shaf Al) #1


We are very new to Open Emr. We have recently installed the application to asses the functionality. We have been facing a problem that secure messaging is not functioning. When a message is being sent to the patient from the physician’s side, the message has been showing in the messages area of the physican. However, noting is appearing in the patient’s portal secure messaging inbox.

Similar is the case from patient’s end. The message sent from the patient’s side are showing as messages sent. However, nothing is shown in the patient’s messages inbox at the physician’s end.

Will appreciate if anyone would provide clear documentation related to setup and usage related to secure messaging.


(ViSolve) #2

Secure Messaging between Physician and patient

  1. In OpenEMR, Click on Miscellaneous->Portal Dashboard->Mail. Compose message and sent to the patient you wish.
  2. Now login into Patient portal, click on secure messaging, you could find the message sent by the provider. If not try by refreshing the page.
    Similarly it can be handled between patient and physician.
    If you are asking about encryption, Please let us know.


(Shaf Al) #3

Thanks for a prompt reply.

It’s working fine.

Furthermore, is there any way a physician can view the messages from each patient separately, like a separate folder for each patient. In the present situation if multiple patients will send messages it will become difficult to track them.


(ViSolve) #4

In present situation, we couldn’t find any message filters. you can customize the code to make this happen.


(Shaf Al) #5

Thanks for the reply and suggestion.

(Shaf Al) #6

Hi there,

The portal dashboard option is available for administrator. However, it’s not showing up in physician’s menu. Any suggestion?


(Jerry P) #7

Secure messages will only show for the logged in user. ie private. Logged in user can’t see any other users mail but their own.

(Shaf Al) #8

This is understood. But from where a user will be able to view the messages sent from a patient. In case of an administrator the option is available within Miscellaneous – Portal Dashboard. However, this option is not available for a physician.


(Shaf Al) #9

This issue has got resolved. By providing the access to patient portal through ACL, the Portal Dashboard has appeared in the menu.