How can I apply character limit validation message for LBF textarea?

Hi All,

I am working with Openemr 5.0.2 and I need to display a validation message on the textarea, when it exeed the character limit.

How can I apply a character limit validation message for LBF textarea?


The following are the steps to set character limit for textarea in LBF forms.
1.During creation of LBF form(Administration->layout) .
2.There is input area named size and max size fill the size and maximum limit for number of characters that need to be accepted.
3.Save the LBF form.Access the LBF form created under Encounter Summary->Layout Based.
4.Fill the form with more number of characters than limit mentioned and save the form.
5.You will find error stating ERROR: Field ‘xxx’ is too long: and form will not be saved

Hope this may help you



YES,I got the Error but error message is showing on a blank page,not in the same form page.

Is it possible to show the error message on form ?

Hello, I am working on updating the wiki. Can you kindly tell me if how far back was this error message implemented? If you know, of course.

Was it implemented since the beginning?
This is the page I am looking to update: