Hot patch for v7.0.0(2)

I’ve created a patch for those needing some fixes we’ve ported back to production release.
We plan to do a new release in a couple weeks and there won’t be a patch 3 but some of you can’t wait and need some of these fixes.
You must only apply this patch if you’ve previously installed patch 2.
Make sure to remember applying the patch.sql as if applying a normal patch i.e. browser run sql_patch.php.

  • update LHC-Forms for questionnaire to v33.2.0
  • fix CCDA date error and correctly import procedure results to configuration table.
  • portal print fixes including allow signature in PDF.
  • layout editor delete of reserved id fix
  • Secure Messaging changes to consolidate reply and forward buttons.
  • CCDA support for node v18+ and updated README.
  • fix Backup bug for windows exporting/importing list.
  • use existing Search/Add mechanism to edit ins from demographics
  • Send the user role in the telehealth registration request
  • find order popup PHP error fix.

@PeteBoyd @ruth @madmax @kkappiah
You guys may be interested in this patch.