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Hitting Github API rate limit while running docker-compose up command

Using the docker-compose.yml file provided by cloning the openemr main branch to ubuntu 19.04 VM.
Hit Github API rate limit. Containers build successfully but when navigating to localhost:8300 it hangs on setup.php

When running docker compose up:

Downloading (0%)Github API limit (0 calls/hr) is exhausted, could not fetch …

Create a github OAuth token to go over the API rate limit. You can also wait until ? for the rate limit to reset."

Head to to retrieve a token

It will be stored in “/root/.composer/auth.json for future use by Composer”

…No token given, aborting.
You can also add it manually later by using “composer config --global --auth”

Failed to download … from dist: could not authenticate against

Now trying to download from source.

OpenEMR Version


Operating System
I’m using: Ubuntu 19.10


I believe @brady.miller is aware of this and working on a solution. I think

Edit: See Github Rate Limit Exhausted Bug · Issue #3236 · openemr/openemr · GitHub

believe the fix is in setting to fix intermittent composer issues · openemr/openemr@19b21fd · GitHub

Thanks all, I’ll give it a try!

also download the most recent docker (just pushed it 5 min ago) to fix it

docker pull openemr/openemr:flex

Download the most recent docker?

I removed the openemr directory, recloned it and ran docker-compose up again.

I’m seeing:
"error: cannot run ssh: No such file or directory

fatal: unable to fork"

make sure your volumes are cleared

Those volumes get me everytime!

who knew bash could do json :slight_smile:

the good news @prondubuisi is this means we can now add those developer tools, which are now installed.

Awesome Stuff!, Pushed to the docker build already?

yep, it’s now live :slight_smile:
(the github api thing was a critical issue, so expedited this)

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Clear the volumes?

I did the below:

sudo docker-compose down
sudo docker rm -f $(sudo docker ps -a -q)
sudo docker volume prune

Then recloned the git repo


sudo docker-compose up -d

Can someone advise?


hi @RachelEllison, did you grab the latest docker

docker pull openemr/openemr:flex

hi @RachelEllison ,
That ssh error is really odd since the the docker running in that form and from a new openemr repo shouldn’t be using ssh. Makes we wonder if something is wrong with the repo. What do you see in repo for following commands:

git status
docker ps -a
docker volume ls
docker pull openemr/openemr:flex

The docker pull command solved it. I thought that was something the docker-compose file did automagically for some reason.

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yep, it makes things complicated that it doesn’t have an option to look for more recent dockers. In the insane docker development environment, the “command” to do this is a mere 34 lines :slight_smile:
openemr/contrib/util/docker at master · openemr/openemr · GitHub
(note this environment just recently decided to break, but will be fixed soon)

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