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(RT) #1

In demographic i would like to hide or disable the button and link url “add new patient” to all users except admin and super user.

Many thanks

(Matthew Vita) #2

Hi @tresrob,

This can be done by logging in as an admin and removing patient-related write privileges from the groups that shouldn’t have the button.

Go to Administration->ACL and make this inactive for the relevant groups.

Let me know if you need more description/pictures.


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Hi Matthew

thanks for your quick reply

I tried to remove the entry Demographics (write, addonly optional) in the ACL but if i call Demographic i cannot access. I want only disable “add new patient” if possible.

Thanks again


(ViSolve) #4

Hi @tresrob,
Just to confirm if my understanding is correct, are you taking about the “New Patient” button which is located in the top left corner as in the attached screenshot?


(RT) #5

The buttons I want to remove are those indicated by the arrow.
Sorry for the pictures are in Italian and new patient equal to new patient.



(ViSolve) #6


Can you check by replacing the below lines in the mentioned file.

On line 753 in interface/new/new_comprehensive.php

<?php if(in_array('Administrators',acl_get_group_titles($_SESSION['authUser']))) { ?>

<input type=“button” name=‘create’ id=“create” value=<?php xl('Create New Patient','e','\'','\''); ?> />
<?php } ?>`

On line 401 in interface/patient_file/summary/demographics_full.php

<?php if(in_array('Administrators',acl_get_group_titles($_SESSION['authUser']))) { ?>

<input id=“submit_btn” class=“css_btn” type=“submit” disabled=“disabled” value="<?php xl('Save','e'); ?>

<?php } ?>

The above code will hide the create new patient and also the save option while editing the patient details.
Let us know if you have further questions.


(RT) #7

ohhhh yes yes yes !!! Fantastic!!!
Many thanks again