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Help! Payments suddenly going to patients and not the provider

Payments now going to patients and not the provider. At least specifically for Aetna

I have been told by post’n’track, our clearinghouse, that we aren’t being consistent with our answers to “CLM08”, sometimes “Y” and sometimes “N”. i don’t understand this, considering we are submitting the electronic ones all the same way, and in administraction/facilities we have the box “accepts assignment” marked as “Y”. is there some other place that needs to be marked?

I also don’t know how to relate these “CLM07/8” boxes to the x12 files that we are submitting.

thanks for any thoughts on above

OpenEMR Version
4.20(4) - yes i realize this is old. if i want to upgrade can it be done in one fell swoop, or do i have to do each one individually?

I’m using: internet explorer

Operating System
I’m using: Win7

Did you check the logs? Was there anything pertinent in them? Paste them here (surround with three backticks (```) for readability

UPDATE i did find the “accept assignments” setting (Y/N) in patients/insurance (under demographics). and made those all “Y” for all current patients. possibly this will be the solution

what’s confusing is that i believe nothing has changed in this regard and insurance companies - excluding aetna - have always paid to provider. also even aetna sometimes pays to provider even with this setting on “N”. if anyone has any experience on this please let me know