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HELP! Can't access due to 2FA


I used to log in to my OpenEMR using 2FA with Google Authenticator (it used to work fine), but yesterday it stop working: every 6-number code I wrote was “wrong”. I tried to sync time for codes through the same app, but it didn’t work anyway, neither after restarting both phone and PC.

I erased my phone app “Google Authenticator”, and now I don’t know how to log in. Is there any way to revoke the 2FA need through files (php, etc) and enabling it just using username and password? Once I am in I will disable 2FA, but I need to get in first using a back door.

OpenEMR 5.0.2(4) in localhost, under Windows 10. Thanks in advance!

I found the solution by myself! Let me explain it here, just in case someone has the same problem:

  1. Followed these instructions:
  2. Open login_mfa_registrations MySQL table.
  3. Leave all fields blank and save.
  4. Log in to OpenEMR with the usual username and the password “pass” (as instructions above)
  5. Change user’s password for a new one.