Hello All, I am using the OpenEMR version When I am creating the patient with some special characters like Spanish or accent characters then in the place of it question mark(?) is coming into the message. This was not happening with the older version lik


A while back when I have deployed OpenEMR v 6.0.1 was deployed for one Spanish user system, it was discovered that most of the population in Spain have “accent marks” on either their first name or last name.

Examples: Úrsula, Teófila, Noemí, Lídia, Brígida, Verónica, Rosalía, Belén, Mónica, Abigaíl, Lucía, Rocío, Eloísa, Visitación, Íngrid, Pacífica.

Issue: When entering these types of names with the “accent marks” in OpenEMR and also in the Spain market EMR systems, we are seeing either the last name or first name with a question mark(?) in the place where the “accent marks” will be.

This was not the case with the older version like 5.0.2. Any suggestions regarding this issue would be great help.

Thank you All

The database and tables must be in Charset: Utf8mb4 :arrow_right: Collation: Utf8mb4_general_ci. And you must distill in languages:


Hello @luisuriarte
In the above pic you can see that Collation is Utf8mb4_general_ci. IS there any change that needs to be configure.
Also, the second part in which you stated to distill in languages, where can we find that window in openemr. If you could please let us know then it would be great help!!
Thanks in advance.

The image I uploaded corresponds to admin → Globals → Locale → Do Not Use Safe Apostrophe.
You must verify that the collations of the lang_custom and lang_definitions tables must be utf8mb4_general_ci.
Speak Spanish?

If you can access the server change the file openemr/sites/default/sqlconf.php, modify what is necessary:

global $disable_utf8_flag;
$disable_utf8_flag = false;
$db_encoding = 'utf8mb4';


Do You uncheck Do Not Use Safe Apostrophe.?
The texts in the database are ok?
Can you send a screenshot of the problem?

This is the output I am getting when I am picking the data from the database.This is a HL7 message

Also, I have unchecked the box for Do Not Use Safe Apostrophe. The text looks good in database. Below is the result.

Sorry my friend.
I don’t know how openemr creates the hl7 files. And I’m not sure the output is wrong. Maybe someone here can help you.

What encoding is patient_data table?
Same for fname, mname, and lname columns in that table?
When you view them in phpmyadmin, do the names look ok?

disregard my third question since you showed the names look fine in above screenshot