Has anyone used OpenEMR for Assisted Living, LTC, ro SNF's?

news2me wrote on Tuesday, December 06, 2016:

I’m new to HIT and am looking for a solution for a Long-Term Care / Skilled Nursing facility. Is there functionality that I’m overlooking for eMAR (Medication Administration Rec), MDS Assessment, ADL Management?
Are there more appropriate opensource projects for this area?

teryhill wrote on Tuesday, December 06, 2016:

You can create forms to accomplish most of what you are looking for. If it is too complicated for the forms you will need to seek the assistance of a developer.


news2me wrote on Wednesday, December 07, 2016:

Thanks Terry… I’m a dev looking for the best match before extending what’s existing. Seems hard to believe that more people havn’t gone down this road.

teryhill wrote on Wednesday, December 07, 2016:

I am sure some folks have, They just do not see the need or want to return it back to the community. Let me know what you find or decide. If I can help let me know.

Best to you.


I know it was a long time ago that you asked this question, but I’m just curious if you ever came across any others that have worked with OpenEMR in a post-acute setting. I’m very interested in extending OpenEMR functionality to facilitate the needs of post-acute providers in the US.

Hi @yeluapyeroc -
The LTC/ SNF use cases you ask about would probably have a lot in common with inpatient hospital activities, wouldn’t they? Even though the acuity is different, they’re still doing similar activities.

Adapting OpenEMR to Inpatient is a popular topic of discussion around here,
but hasn’t caught on as an active project.

That’s too bad; an inpatient OpenEMR would be a tremendous boon to FOSS healthcare and a direct benefit to a lot of patients, too.

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