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GSoC 2020 proposal review and feedback

Hi @tywrenn

I am so glad to hear your feedback and love my proposal,
It really helps me to adjust my proposal :grinning:

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Hello @brady.miller I think I have resolved all the issues you mentioned. Please have another look. Thanks. Looking forward to your feedback.

hi @prondubuisi , I just left a couple suggestions. Getting very close :slight_smile:

Yeah I agree @brady.miller . Almost there. Made changes as suggested. please look again. Thanks.

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@prondubuisi, Proposal looks very solid! And no more suggestions from me :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot @brady.miller. I appreciate your patience and time.

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Hello @adunsulag @sjpadgett @brady.miller and Everbody,

So Sorry for being late. I just submitted proposal on the GSOC dashboard kindly review it.

Yash Bothra

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Hello @brady.miller @sjpadgett and other mentors concerned with the MAR project, please review my proposal here :-

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Thanks for the feedback @brady.miller and @sjpadgett.

Hii @brady.miller, @adunsulag, @sjpadgett, @rhausam I have Updated my GSOC proposal with few changes and with latest timeline. Kindly have a look on it and if i am missing something please help me improve my proposal.

Quick Note to All participant. If possible update your proposals with the latest timeline as Google has changed the timeline.


Hello @brady.miller @tywrenn

Here is my project proposal for Modernized Styling and User Interface.
Please review my proposal and give me suggestions and feedback.


Hello @surendrap720 I think you should grant views and commenting access to anyone with the link.

Here is the link to the document.

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Hi @brady.miller @stephenwaite @robert.down I have updated my proposal according to the latest timeline. Kindly review and give the suitable feedback. :blush:

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Made final changes to my proposal as per reviews by @brady.miller. Also updated the timeline as per the latest timeline released by GSoC 2020. Please go through my proposal once again and suggest if anything is missing out.



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Hello Mentors,

Please Kindly Review my proposal, I have Shared the draft from the GSoC site. Thank you!

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Hi @brady.miller @stephenwaite @robert.down. I have updated my proposal according to the suggestions and discussions. Please go through my proposal and suggest if anything is missing. Apologies for the late update.




hi @gpp5519, feel free to post on the project thread as well

Yes, sure. Any suggestions and feedback regarding the proposal?


Hello @brady.miller, I love to submit a proposal not listed as part of the 2020 GSoC project Ideal but has been discussed in the community.

Here is the link to the Proposal: