Group module - need help understanding how to use

(David Dean) #1

I have enabled the group module and I would like to use it to document group psychotherapy. (There are group psychotherapy modalities wherein an identical note can serve all group participants and other modalities wherein notes specific to each participant are needed - I’m hoping for a way to record some information that populates in the records or each participant and I will supplement it with another form for specific information. )

With the module enabled I have the group menu and I have set up a group and added participants. I can create an encounter for the group however there is no “administration” menu to allow billing options? (Not a big deal for me as we bill via DDE for now.) When I select from the “Layout Based” menu to record a service note, it does not appear below the encounter information in the encounter summary page. The text I enter is saved if I click the same note type from “Layout Based” menu, but will not save such that I can see it and click the “sign” button. Also this encounter does not appear in the past encounters for any participant.

Also when creating an encounter for an individual patient I can select “group therapy” and associate the individual encounter with the group but this is no different than creating an individual service note for each group participant as I have been doing (and saves me no time).

Is there a way to create a group encounter and group note that appears in the encounter history for each participant?