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Getting Site ID is missing from session data! error when trying to log into OpenEMR

I’m getting “Site ID is missing from session data!” error when trying to log into OpenEMR. I was able to log in this morning as well as one of my employees and we are able to still access OpenEMR and it is functioning normally. However the staff at my other office (who tried logging in later) as well as when I tried logging in on another PC at my office, cannot.

EDIT: We can get to the login screen, the error pops up upon attempting to log in.

Update: And just now I can’t login either.

I checked in AWS Console and everything appears to be running just fine. Certificates are all valid.

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version AWS Cloud Standard

I’m using Chrome.

Operating System
I’m using Windows 10 and Chrome OS

I saw nothing in the logs.

I can see inside the globals.php file, there is this code:

But I’m not super versed on PHP and don’t know what is going on here.


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Hi @hcrossen ,
That is a catchall error that generally catches underlying session issues in the platform. Rec:

  1. Remove browser cookies
  2. If still not working, restart the server
  3. If still not working, then see if anything is going to the javascript console (chrome browser->more tools->developer tools->console)
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Hey Brady, I’m helping Henry out with his site administration…I have tried all of those things and don’t see anything pertinent. Nothing in the js console, I see 1 cookie being set, but removing that ends up w/ the same result.

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I also see this in /var/log/apache2/error.log:

And doing a couple of df’s seems to confirm this?

Have we run out of space in our AWS EC2 size?

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yep, that appears to be the case. That also makes complete sense since saving sessions in php also requires space (not being able to save breaks lots of things, but will be a good thing for the project to keep in mind in future when folks report this issue).

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you don’t have any guidance or a link to any guidance on how to expand that available space by chance, do you? :smiley:

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It’s been while for me, but dug up this post from awhile back:


Yup, that seemed to do it. Thanks!