Generate Prescription Rx Order PDF on OpenEMR

Hi Everyone! I’ve been demoing OpenEMR these past two weeks and I had a question about generating prescriptions. Is it possible to prepare an Rx prescription on a PDF that can then be faxed to a pharmacy?

I want to generate a PDF that has the patient’s, provider’s, and Rx information.
For example, it would be like:

Patient Name: John Doe
DOB: 05/15/1954
Address: 123 Main Street, New York City, NY 10036
Rx: Atorvastatin 10 mg daily by mouth

Prescriber’s Name: Daniel Smith, MD
Prescriber Address: …
License Number: …
DEA: …
NPI: …
TEL: …
FAX: …

Is this possible on OpenEMR? I believe I saw an option under Administration --> Global --> Rx that specified the settings for generating Rx PDFs, but I don’t know where to generate them. Could someone please help me?

Thank you and I appreciate your assistance.

Hi @HealthcareInterLLC , OpenEMR did not have prescription available but you can buy third party module like NewCrop and then you need customize the fax functionality in OpenEMR for e-prescription.


There’s a zend module rx print thread.

You have to enable the module and then customize the file that’s referenced in the above link.

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Thank you. I’ve enabled those options, but how can I print a prescription?

Add a script for a pt from the dashboard and you’ll find the print button

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Awesome, it works now. Thank you so much!!

I can now use the option Print Four, but I do not see how to fill the 3 extra pages. I want to use 2 pages, one for the pharmacy and one for the patient.