GDPR compilance and question about Security flaws

Guys, considering to use this software for my business and have some questions regarding OpemEMR:

  1. Does this software compile with latest GDPRR and can be used In Europe?
  2. What about security? Many recent articles about security flaws and patient data leaking.

Thank You in advance

Hi @Mister_L ,

Regarding GDPR, this does not really directly pertain to open source projects (more for websites and companies that hold customer data and provide services) so not sure how to answer that question. Anybody have any thoughts in the impact of GDPR with OpenEMR?

Regarding security, see this thread which is regarding the vulnerabilities that were reported by Project Insecurity (this group was very good at marketing):

The community has been very focused on security for OpenEMR’s next release (plan 5.0.2 version in about 4-6 weeks) with lots of security improvements (