Form layout conditions not working afetr update to v7


Thank you for such great software.
When I was using version 6 I use to be able to set the value of a field if it is empty, now that I have upgraded to version 7 this has stopped working. Even if field is not emprt it is still populated i.e. current data is overwritten. This is a quite problematic as there are a few custom forms we are using.

Please help.


Hi @rickyhenrysc
I need to ask a few questions to see if we can get to the bottom of this. Could you post screenshots of what setting you are referring to in the system where you could set value of a field?

Hi Sherwin

Thank you for getting back. I solved it by inputing a hidden input field in library/ after the textarea on line 1528 , pass the $currvalue to the hidden field. Then i called that hidden field value instead of the textarea value in file library/js/ajax_functions_writer.js with some validation of course to make sure it does not break anything.