Fix Datepicker Autofill


(Philip Herrick) #1

When using a Chrome browser with autofill forms turned on then using any date input text box will cause the previously used dates to show as a dropdown list that obscures a part of the underlying datepicker pop-up thus preventing its proper use.

I found a fix that I think @bradymiller had input into at - Autofill setting causing difficulty in accessing datepicker in Chrome · Issue #1784 · openemr/openemr · GitHub - and that tells me

To prevent this behavior autocomplete="off" can be added to the datepicker input boxes

<input type='text'class='form-control datepicker' name='form_to_date' id='form_to_date'
    value='<?php echo $form_to_date ?>'
    title='<?php  echo xla('yyyy-mm-dd'); ?>'

My question is - what file or files do I need to add autocomplete="off"to so I can fix this issue.

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @Phil, looks like @zbig01 posted a solution for the patient list script but there’s a more challenging :bug: in the new_comprehensive.php script (Patient/Client->New/Search)