File-level doc block license


Since the modernization project is underway (From multiple avenues right now!) would be a good time to take a look at how we are displaying the license on our pages. Note, I’m not talking about changing the GPL license, rather consolidating how we display it. PHPDoc (Which I’m using to generate our documentation) suggests the @license tag with something like this at the file-level (Top most docblock) @license GNU GPL3 instead of any actual text on each page.

Placing the license text in each page poses a challenge for the documentor as it (rightly) looks at the docblock and says “Oh, there’s a description of the file” when in reality it’s just the same license statement over and over again.

GPL suggests placing thair snippet on every page, however I see lots of GPL projects that put the canonical link on each page instead (And of course a root-level LICENSE file.

So as we modernize is anyone opposed to shifting how we display the license to the @license tag/link method?


Agreed if this will make auto generated code documentation better.