FHIR Patient Publish

(Chris) #1

In OpenEMR 5.0.1, when using the FHIR Connector in Globals->Connectors - the patient resource that is exported does not contain much information. Information like External ID and Patient DOB are not included in the JSON object that is exported.

Am I missing any additional configuration to ensure all other patient resource data is exported?

Sample export:

{“id”:“patient-1”,“resourceType”:“Patient”,“active”:true,“name”:[{“use”:“official”,“family”:“Doe”,“given”:[“John”,""]}],“gender”:“male”,“address”:[{“line”:[“123 Sesame St”],“city”:“Manhattan”,“state”:“NY”,“postalCode”:“10128”}]}

(ViSolve) #2

These fields are not avaialable now but if you need it immediately,
you need to customize the code in openemr/phpfhir/classes/src/oeFHIRResource.php