FHIR Bulk Export API not working OpenEMR v7.0

Hi, I am unable to get the FHIR Bulk Export to work. When I run the API from Swagger I get error code 400 with following :

Response Body:
“id”: “56e56dda-a9ce-4746-b246-1f57f5451565”,
“resourceType”: “OperationOutcome”,
“issue”: [
“severity”: “error”,
“code”: “processing”,
“details”: {
“text”: “‘Accept’ header invalid”

Response headers:
access-control-allow-credentials: true
access-control-allow-headers: origin,authorization,accept,content-type,x-requested-with
access-control-allow-methods: GET,HEAD,POST,PUT,DELETE,TRACE,OPTIONS
access-control-allow-origin: *
cache-control: no-store,no-cache,must-revalidate
connection: close
content-length: 175
content-type: application/json
date: Wed,02 Nov 2022 15:55:32 GMT
expires: Thu,19 Nov 1981 08:52:00 GMT
pragma: no-cache
server: Apache

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 7.0

I’m using: Chrome

Operating System
I’m using: Ubuntu 18.04

Did you check the logs?
Was there anything pertinent in them?
Please paste them here (surround with three backticks (```) for readability.
You can also turn on User Debugging under Administration->Globals->Logging User Debugging Options=>All

This is more an issue with swagger than the bulk fhir export. I don’t believe Swagger is setup to send the required headers for the bulk fhir export.

You can see the required headers here on HL7’s documentation for Bulk FHIR Export.

Thank you. I will try with Inferno and see if it works there.