Fhir api - Get Practitioner

Hello, I create a user with below properties

Provider: Checked
Provider Type: Physician
Access Control: Physicians

Request to “fhir/Practitioner” api does not bring any result. Request to “fhir/Person” returns result but there is no indication whether the person is Practitioner or not.

Shouldn’t “fhir/Practitioner” api return my Physician user? Any guide is appreciated.


Have you filled in the NPI number for the Practitioner? We follow the US Core Profile for practitioner and only return results for a physician with a valid NPI number.

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Thank you Stephen! With NPI I am able to retrieve practitioners.
Just one follow up question - the result did not include properties such as “Additional Info”, “Provider Type” or “Default Facility”.
Any ways to retrieve these details?

Thank you again for your direction.


I’d look at PractitionerRole for the type. Pretty sure we don’t expose Additional Info via FHIR and it’d have to be added as an extension. Default Facility I believe can be found through the Location service but I’d have to look at it more in depth.