Fee sheet editing problem

i have been editing the fee sheet to have a list of procedures and services instead of new patient and established patient while being linked to certain price level. i followed this page here

But if an option exceeds the order number 9 i get a screwed up results (i can have 9 groups each having 9 options only), what to do to have more entries ?

hi @mohamed, thinking this might help

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so i need to change the code in //openemr/interface/forms/fee_sheet/new.php line 915

  echo "    <option value='" . attr($fs_codes) . "'>" . xlt(substr($fs_option, $cleave_opt)) . "</option>\n";


                            echo "    <option value='" . attr($fs_codes) . "'>" . xlt(substr($fs_option, $cleave_opt)) . "</option>\1";

or so i understand ?!

almost, try this instead

echo " <option value='" . attr($fs_codes) . "'>" . xlt(substr($fs_option, 1)) . "</option>\n";
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changed the code but still cant increase option number more than 9, and thus the rank wont change

ok, revert that coding tweak and just label them 01 02 03 … 15 etc

also put a space btw the 01 and description

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@stephenwaite :+1:

Yup its working !!! By the way unless any code is linked it will be screwed in the fee sheet

A slight inconvenience when using multiple options under one group. With 25 options (6 rows) in one group, displaying in google chrome will cause selecting the code pane being overlapped by the search bar of additional codes unless either too much zoom in or out to compensate.

oh, maybe this fix disappeared

I changed the value from 0 to 99 and nothing changed.

hi @mohamed, clear the cache and it should kick in

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Thanks ! @stephenwaite, it kicked in :+1:

on a side note, when i change code do i keep a list of the changes and back up the old code so when a new version is released i re use old code or the changes aren’t affected ?

that never hurts @mohamed but usually these fixes are patched so will be there when you upgrade or patch

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